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LSE media professor wins major journalism award

Lilie-Chouliaraki-140pA paper analysing the digital reportage of the Haiti Earthquake and Arab Spring has won LSE professor Lilie Chouliaraki the Journalism Studies Outstanding Article of the Year award at the International Communications Association conference in Seattle last month.

Her article, ‘The Cosmopolitan Trajectories of Convergent Journalism,’ examined how the digital interface of professional journalism and citizen media informed the world about two of the most significant events of the past decade.

In April, Professor Chouliaraki gave a lecture on her book The Ironic Spectator: Solidarity in the Age of Post-humanitarianism at the Centre for Human Rights, University of Chicago.

She also gave the opening keynote in the ‘Sustainability and the celebrity-business-development-nexus’ international conference organised by the Copenhagen Business School and Roskilde University, in Copenhagen, Denmark. Professor Chouliaraki discussed the recent trend in humanitarian communication to focus on ‘us’/donors rather than distant sufferers as the motivation for action.

5 June 2014