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Important announcement regarding LSE Guerrillas

It has come to my attention that a group calling themselves the ‘LSE Guerrillas’ has managed to infiltrate the school this morning, leaving recruitment packs for their nefarious group in the points reserved to distribute copies of the Beaver and the Gateway. 

The group’s objective seems to be to organise some sort of insurrectionary mass teach-in at an as-yet-unknown venue, somewhere in North London on Wednesday 28th May. Fortunately, I have reason to believe that the group only has the means to accommodate a few dozen people, so the number of students that they will be able to indoctrinate is likely to remain low.

Thanks to the work of the crack team based at the Institute of Public Affairs, the school was able to intercept a digital copy of the guerrillas’ communications before they managed to go live, although we regret that we were unable to prevent the dissemination of the physical version. In order for students to be aware of the potential dangers that they might face should they come in contact with the guerrillas, we have included a link to the electronic copy of the guerrillas’ recruitment pack . The group’s communications state that the guerrillas will be releasing more information at the bandstand on Lincoln’s Inn Fields at 4.30pm on Wednesday 28th May, please ensure that you do not attend. Attempts are also being made to communicate with students via the hashtag #LSEGuerrillas, which I would strongly advise all students to avoid.

Finally, I ask that you please inform as many of your fellow students as possible about the threat posed by the ‘LSE Guerrillas’, if not in person, then via any social networks at your disposal. Only by remaining vigilant and raising the threat that groups like the ‘LSE Guerrillas’ pose can we prevent another situation like this from occurring in the future.

Conor Gearty, Director of IPA and Professor of Human Rights