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European Book Prize for former Director Lord Anthony Giddens

AnthonyGiddensLord Anthony Giddens, former Director of LSE, has been awarded the European Book Prize of 2014 for his work Turbulent and Mighty Continent: What Future for Europe?

The European Book Prize (Prix du Livre Européen) seeks to promote European values, and to contribute to European citizens' better understanding of the European Union as a cultural entity. This is only the second time a British author has won this highly prestigious award, which is decided by a jury drawn from a variety of different countries.

Professor Lord Giddens’ Turbulent and Mighty Continent asks what future for Europe? Nearly 70 years from Winston Churchill’s statement that a "United States of Europe" could transform that "turbulent and mighty continent", over 500 million people live in the member states of the European Union – a greater number than in any other political community save for China and India – and the currency of the Union, the euro, is used in economic transactions world-wide.

TurbulantAndMightyContinentYet the EU is mired in the greatest crisis of its history, one that threatens its very existence as an entity able to have an impact upon world affairs. Europe no longer seems so mighty, instead but faces the threat of becoming an irrelevant backwater or, worse, once again the scene of turbulent conflicts. Divisions are arising all over Europe, while the popularity of the Union sinks. How can this situation be turned around?

It is a mistake, Anthony Giddens argues, to see the misfortunes of the euro as the sole source of Europe’s malaise. The Union faces problems shared by most or all of the developed states of the world. Reform in Europe must go far beyond stabilizing the euro, formidable and fraught though that task may be. Introducing an array of new ideas, Giddens suggests this is the time for a far-reaching rethink of the European project as a whole. A new and updated edition of the book will appear in January 2015.

The prize will be presented at a ceremony in Brussels on Wednesday 3 December, attended by distinguished figures from across the continent.

1 December 2014