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'A new government - a changing China?' ask experts at this year's LSE China Conference

LSE held its third annual LSE China Conference, and its fourth Beijing-based LSE graduation ceremony, on Thursday 15 August in Beijing, China.

Arne Westad in ChinaThe 2013 LSE China Conference, entitled 'A New Government - A New China?' was attended by over 300 LSE alumni, academics and experts in the field.

Professor Paul Kelly, Pro-Director for Teaching and Learning, chaired the keynote sessions with LSE academics Professor Danny Quah and Professor Arne Westad (pictured) asking the difficult questions on the possibilities for economic and political reforms in China since its change of leadership and government from October 2012 to March 2013.

The keynote sessions were followed by an expert panel on China's foreign policy. Professor Zhang Jian from Peking University's School of Government led a panel discussion examining how Chinese domestic politics are shaping China's policies and actions overseas. Tan Sri Dr Munir Majid, Chairman of Bank Muamalat Malaysia and LSE Honorary Fellow examined East Asian regional trade and co-operation and the difficult issues of China's territorial disputes with near-neighbours in East and South East Asia. LSE Professor Mick Cox brought proceedings to an end with his insights on the historical evolution of Sino-US relations and some of the critical issues that both countries need to have better mutual understanding on to ensure peace and security in the Asia-Pacific region.

The annual China Conference was preceded by LSE's fourth overseas graduation ceremony in China. Over 270 LSE graduands and their families and guests attended the graduation ceremony presided over by LSE Pro-Director Professor Paul Kelly.

LSE faculty in Beijing teaching on the LSE-Peking University Summer School were also present, including Professor Arne Westad (LSE IDEAS), Professor Mick Cox (LSE IDEAS), Professor Danny Quah (economics), Dr Mayling Birney (international development), Dr Fei Qin (management), Dr Meng Bingchun (media and communications), Dr Xu Moqi (finance) and Dr Tan Sri Munir Majid (LSE IDEAS). LSE alumnus Dr Dong Ming (PhD, 1986) also addressed the new graduates. The graduation ended with a traditional tea-party for the new LSE alumni and their guests.

More on LSE's activities in China can be found at LSE China.

For further information on LSE and China, please contact Dr Brendan Smith, b.p.smith1@lse.ac.uk

For further details on LSE-PKU Summer School, contact Pete Campion-Spall, p.j.campion-spall@lse.ac.uk

21 August 2013