LSE orchards take shape

Rosebery and Passfield Halls have become the first halls of residences to plant orchards, with 25 fruit trees now at Rosebery Hall and five at Passfield.

Over 15 Rosebery Hall residents and local Islington community members participated in the planting ceremony at Rosebery Hall on 20 March. Participants enjoyed a delicious continental brunch before getting to work, planting the 25 fruit trees that make up the Rosebery orchard. A green roof is also being established at the hall.

Five trees have also recently been planted by students and staff at Passfield Hall, within sight of the LSE roof-top beehives.

A range of fruit trees have been planted. Passfield's orchards include Apple 'Bramley', Grape 'Black Hamburg', Medlar 'Nottingham', Nectarine 'Nectarella', Pear 'Comice', Pear 'Concord' and Quince 'Meeches' trees.

The fruit trees at Rosebery Hall are Apple 'Discovery', Apple 'Herefordshire Russet', Asian Pear 'Kumoi', Blueberry 'Bluecrop', Blueberry 'Darrow', Fig 'Brown Turkey', Grape 'Muscatel', Kiwifruit 'Solo', Peach 'Garden Lady', Peach 'Peregrine', Peach 'Rochester' and Quince 'Champion'.  

These orchards are part of LSE Residential Services work to create more sustainable and enjoyable 'green living' spaces within LSE's halls of residences. The orchards have been developed by LSE staff and funded by Capital Growth. Both orchards will support local biodiversity as well as providing a colourful and vibrant green escape for those living in the hall, with the added bonus of some edible treats on a seasonable basis.

Green roofs provide a haven for wildlife such insects and birds as well as often helping protect the building through maintaining roof surfaces for longer. The Rosebery green roof is supported by the Islington Community Chest grant.

For more on LSE's sustasinable activities, see Sustainable LSE

26 May 2011