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Student wins prize for her letter to Juliet

Sarah Alexandra GeorgeAn LSE student has been awarded the ‘Cara Giulietta’ (‘Dear Juliet’) prize after writing a letter to Shakespeare’s most romantic heroine.

Having watched the film 'Letters to Juliet,' Sarah Alexandra George (pictured), a third year philosophy student at LSE, decided to do exactly that whilst on holiday in Verona over the Summer. A few months later, she received a reply from ‘Juliet's secretaries’ informing her that her letter had been submitted to a panel of judges and that they had chosen it to win the annual prize.

Sarah’s letter was unusual compared to the letters that are usually sent: ‘Generally women, and even men, write to Juliet to ask for advice about love. Having read a couple of the letters that they have on display in the museum in Verona, most people write about someone in particular. However, I decided to write about my disillusionment with love,’ Sarah explained.

In her letter, she wrote: ‘I am a character wandering, desperately seeking my author to write the next page. How can I live in this other world devoid of angels' rays? J'ai peur. And so, dear Juliet, I write to you, as many have done before me, to beg that you inspire my belief of true love, a love that I would, as you did, gladly fall on my sword for. Yours is the greatest love story - please help me see that I too will, one day, feel love and be loved.’

The prize is awarded by the Club di Giulietta, a Verona based organisation which answers all of the thousands of letters that are addressed to Juliet each year.

The prize is presented to the most compelling letters received during that year, recognising ‘the spontaneity of the writers who turn to Juliet to express their feelings, ask for advice, or simply feel closer to this universal symbol of eternal love.’

Sarah said: ‘I was quite surprised when I received the letter from Verona, it was the first I had heard of the competition!’

Sarah is travelling to Verona this week, courtesy of the Club di Giulietta, to attend the prize-giving ceremony. The ceremony is part of the ‘Verona in Love’ festival which has had artists and stars such as Andrea Bocelli, Franco Zeffirelli, Giulietta Masina, Carla Fracci, and Leonard Whiting attending.

For more information on the Club di Giulietta or to send your own letter to Juliet, visit www.julietclub.com/index_en.asp.