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Winners: photography category

The industry professional judge for the photography category was Sean Smith, photojournalist for the Guardian newspaper.

The academic judge was Kath Scanlon, Chair of LSE Research Staff Association.

Best in show

Catarina Heeckt - LSE Cities (for Configuring Light/Staging the Social)
Playing with light

"An arresting image - enough information about an urban landscape. Well composed."



Highly commended

1) Siri Schwabe -  Centre for Migration and Diaspora Studies, SOAS
Reaching out: Mohammed Assaf  at Club Palestino in Santiago, Chile

"It shows that the researcher spent time immersed in the community. An interesting and joyful image - a glimpse under the skin of a hidden community."

Reaching out

2) David Brenner -  Department of International Relations, LSE
Burmese Bordertown Blues

"The image conveys the seperateness of the smuggler and contains the elements of his story - the river, the canoes, the oil."

border_mae sot myawaddy_04

3) Portia Roelofs -  Department of International Development, LSE
Abeokuta: development with a "human face"?

"Nicely composed and full of interesting detail. Conveys some of the complexities of development."


4) Akanksha Mehta -  Centre for Gender Studies, SOAS
Caged childhood: resistance and subversion in Israel-Palestine

"An arresting picture - draws the viewer in and asks questions."