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The China Drug, Crime and Detention Database Project is the first open access quantitative database focused on Chinese government drug policy and the country's justice system. It is an open access resource for researchers, advocates, journalists and organisations engaged in the study of drug policy, criminal justice, policing and detention in China.


About the database 

Spanning 500+ categories and drawing on data from more than 200 publicly available sources, the database presents quantitative data on a range of topics, including: illicit drug use; drug harm reduction programs; criminal and administrative offenses; criminal and extrajudicial detention; judicial sentencing; and policing.

As an open access resource, the China Drug, Crime and Detention Database Project addresses a common issue faced by researchers: access to data. Today more quantitative data on drugs, crime and judicial sentencing in China are available than ever before. Unfortunately, government data are often scattered across numerous sources, with indicators appearing in earlier ministerial reports but disappearing from later editions. Other figures only appear in news reports or scholarly works. Although these sources are public, collating data drawn from them requires considerable time and effort. By providing a centralised repository for these data, the China Drug, Crime and Detention Database Project will address these problems.

Data visualisations will be produced in the future, and research findings will be released through The Journal of Illicit Economies and Development.

The database is the creation Mr. Emile Dirks, a research associate at the London School of Economics and Political Science's International Drug Policy Unit and a PhD candidate in the Department of Political Science at the University of Toronto.




作为开放数据资源,该项目解决了中国问题研究者面临的共同困境:如何获取数据。相较以往,中国现在公开了更多关于毒品、犯罪和司法审判的数据。但这些官方数据往往分散在难以计数的信息来源中,碎片化且不稳定。例如,一些早年国家政府报告中包含的数据类别在近年报告中消失了, 有些数据仅出现在新闻报道或学术著作中。虽然这些数据是公开的,但从中收集、整理信息需要大量的时间和精力。通过集中梳理这些分散的数据,该数据库为解决这些问题。




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Supplementary Documents

Supplementary documents are available for download to assist in using the database. All documents are in both English and Chinese.



This database project's commitment to open access extends to user participation in the improvement of the database. Users who discover errors in the data, have data to contribute or who have questions about the project can write to the principal investigator to request corrections or additions. The principal investigator, Mr. Emile Dirks, can be contacted by email at or Twitter @emiledirks.

该数据库的开放承诺涵盖用户参与数据库的改进。如果用户发现数据错误、能提供新数据或有任何疑问,请联系研究员阿米尔·德克斯:电子邮件 推特 @emiledirks。


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