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Research Innovation

piketty (2)Professors Sir Tony Atkinson, Thomas Piketty and Sir John Hills at the LSE International Inequalities Institute conference entitled Inequality in the 21st Century

LSE’s distinct and impactful research happens because we reduce disciplinary, regional and organisational boundaries and bring together experts working in different fields.

Our academics work together to pioneer novel approaches to issues that affect billions of people around the world such as:

  • climate change and sustainability
  • economic and social inequality
  • health and well-being; peace, security and human rights
  • the protection and empowerment of the vulnerable
  • the governance and regulation of business practices, financial systems and markets.

Throughout our history, supporters like you have helped us to bring insights from different fields of inquiry together to tackle society’s most pressing issues. Today LSE remains committed to developing innovative social science, and to working with policymakers and the broader public in using that knowledge to make a better world.

Join us

In a world in which the scale, complexity and interconnectedness of challenges are constantly increasing, your support will enable us to develop the ways that social science research is brought to bear on issues that are as human and personal as they are extensive and wide-ranging. Your philanthropy could play a pivotal role in:

  • leveraging LSE’s intellectual capacity to champion our high-priority, interdisciplinary research, establish a new focus or advance departmental research
  • advancing the work of our inter- and multidisciplinary institutes and research centres, such as the Institute of Global Affairs, the International Inequalities Institute, and the Marshall Institute for Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship
  • developing innovative and impactful methodology and research techniques, such as data science and behavioural science, that expand the boundaries of inquiry
  • creating platforms and partnerships for knowledge exchange through which we can directly engage with policy advisers, policy makers and politicians.search, establish new focuses or provide general support for School-wide research..

"My family have made transformative investments in LSE because we strongly believe in the School's ability to promote constructive dialogue with scholars, policy makers and business leaders from across the world." 
Arif Naqvi (BSc Economics 1982),  LSE Benefactor and establishing donor of LSE's private equity research and teaching programme

“LSE’s social science impact is about changing the environment in which policy designers and analysts act. We seek nothing less than for some part of public debate, a government regulatory briefing, a shareholder vote, or an entire health care system to be informed by LSE’s rigorous examination and presentation of the facts.” 
Professor Sir John Hills, Co-Director, International Inequalities Institute



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