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Donors and Scholars Reception 2014

The 2014 Donors and Scholars Reception offered an opportunity for our scholars to meet their donors and express their gratitude in person.

Over 240 students are being supported by philanthropically funded scholarships in 2013/14, most of whom were there on the night. This underlines just how important a donor’s gift is to the scholars, many of whom would not otherwise have been able to take up their place at the School.

Philanthropic scholarships total just under £2.8m this academic year, illustrating the generous contribution donors have made towards the current generation of students and the difference made to their lives.

Following an introduction from Simeon Underwood, Academic Registrar, guests heard from three scholarship recipients, donor George Swirski and LSE Director Professor Craig Calhoun. 

Speaking of the impact of her scholarship, Eve Wright, FM Underhill scholar, said: “The knowledge that somebody has considered me worthy of a scholarship has strengthened my belief in my own ability and potential. This confidence has proved helpful during overwhelming periods and, ultimately, my donor’s faith in me has given me faith in myself.”

Eve Wright at 2014 Donors and Scholars:

Two further students, Michal Leszczynski, Kadas scholar, and Jesca Kiplagat, a Programme for African Leadership scholar, spoke of their gratitude and demonstrated what philanthropy has meant to them. “I lived in a society where poverty, illiteracy, insecurity and female genital mutilation thrived,” Jesca revealed. “Female education was not valued at all and girls were forced to get married at an early age of 12 years to get a dowry due to poverty. As I saw all this, I knew that education was the only way to overcome it. I was determined more than ever to pursue my education to the highest level and come back to champion the eradication of poverty, illiteracy, insecurity and FGM."

Michal Leszczynski at 2014 Donors and Scholars:

Jesca Kiplagat at 2014 Donors and Scholars:

George Swirski (BSc Economics 1978) has generously funded the Francesca Swirski Scholarship since 2008. Speaking about why he became a scholarship donor, he said: “I was paid by the government to come and study at LSE. Those were different times. I was on a full grant; my background wouldn’t have allowed me to come here otherwise. I understand the importance of money to achieving your dreams, and that the future of our institutions depends on attracting the brightest, quality students.”

George Swirski at 2014 Donors and Scholars: