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Volunteer leaders and committees

LSE's volunteer leaders and committees provide strategic and financial support to the School. They help to drive LSE forward towards its long term vision and ambitions.

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Development Committee


Cato Stonex (Chair) graduated from LSE in 1986 with a BSc in International Relations.  He is a founder and Director of fund manager Taube Hodson Stonex Partners.  He is Chairman of the School's Development Committee, a member of LSE's Court of Governors and Investment Committee.

Cato has supported endowed undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships at LSE, the Lionel Robbins Building and the LSE Annual Fund.

Professor Judith Rees

Professor Judith Rees currently serves as Director of LSE. Professor Rees, CBE, was deputy director of the School from 1998 to 2004 and is currently director of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at LSE. She is Professor of Environmental and Resources Management.


Mark Denning graduated from LSE in 1980 with a BSc in Economics. He is a portfolio manager and senior vice president for Capital Research Company. He is a member of LSE's Court of Governors.

Mark has supported campus development.


George Gaskell currently serves as a Professor in the school's Social Psychology department alongside his role as a Pro-Director. He completed his PhD at UCL before moving to a teaching and research role with LSE's Social Psychology department. He is a member of LSE's Court of Governors and Council.

George has supported the LSE Annual Fund.


Richard Goeltz was a General Course student at LSE in 1963. He is a consultant and currently sits on the Board of Directors for Delta Air Lines. He is a member of the LSE's Court of Governors.

Richard has supported scholarships, campus development and a number of other projects at LSE.


Julian Green graduated from LSE in 1985 with a BSc in Management Sciences. He currently works as a fund manager and is an executive at the London-based Ashmore Group.

Julian has supported the LSE Annual Fund.


Naomi Hass-Perlman graduated from LSE in 1976 with an LLB. She has spent a number of years practicing law in the United States and currently sits on the advisory board of several charities. She is a member of LSE's Court of Governors.

Naomi has supported campus development and the LSE Annual Fund.


Johannes Huth graduated from LSE in 1984 with a BSc in Industry and Trade. He is Managing Director of private equity firm KKR. He is the Vice-Chairman of the School's Development Committee and a member of the LSE's Court of Governors.

Johannes has supported scholarships, fellowships, research and the LSE Annual Fund.

Jamal Radwan

Jamie d'Antioc completed studies for MPhil and PhD in Oil Economics at LSE between 1966 and 1969.  He has been Vice President of Chase Manhattan Bank NY, chairman of Stargas, board member of Total-Omnium of Paris, and is currently an author.

Jamie has supported the LSE Department of Economic History, established LSE Travel & Discovery Fund for PhDs and raised funds for the new LSE Academic Building.


Stuart Corbridge currently serves as a Professor of Development Studies and Head of Institute he also is a Pro-director for Research and External Relations. He has previously taught at Huddersfield, London (Royal Holloway College), Syracuse, Cambridge and Miami Universities. He is a member of LSE's Court of Governors.

  Keith Young

Keith Young MBE graduated from LSE in 1968 with a BSc in Econometrics. He has founded a number of companies in the internet, publishing and communications industries and holds a number of executive positions for companies within these sectors.

Keith has supported research in the Economics department.

Bill Bottriell

Bill Bottriell graduated from LSE in 1978 with a BSc in Economics. He is an entrepreneur who co-founded London IT recruitment firm SThree with Simon Arber. He is a member of the School's Development Committee.

Bill has funded several scholarships to provide young people with the opportunity to attend LSE.

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