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How to contact us
LSE Centennial Fund
424 West 33rd  Street, Suite 280
New York
NY, 10001
Tel: +1 646 442 2895
Email:  CentennialFund@lse.ac.uk

LSE Centennial Fund

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Over recent years the LSE Centennial Fund has continually supported the LSE Annual Fund. Each year the Annual Fund supports a wide variety of projects on campus ensuring that donations are used where they are most needed and that they have the largest possible impact at the School.

This academic year, 77 projects across LSE are being supported thanks to the generosity of alumni and friends of the School in the USA and all over the world.

In 2012/13 the Annual Fund supported 67 projects ranging from those providing scholarships and financial aid to students, to student society activities. 

We hope that you will support the LSE Centennial Fund this year. It is crucial to the work of the Annual Fund. You enable us to make a difference to student lives and the academic and research rigor of LSE.

The LSE Centennial Fund is a non-profit "501(c)(3)" organization based in New York.

Gifts to the LSE Centennial Fund can be made online, or by sending a check payable to the LSE Centennial Fund to:

LSE Centennial Fund
424 West 33rd Street
Suite 280
New York, NY 10001

Tax number: 52-1908117.

Recognising our supporters

The LSE 1895 Society, named in tribute to the founders of the School, recognises donors who make a gift of £1,000 or more within a year.

The generosity of those who support the Annual Fund at a leadership level increases further its impact on campus. Members of the LSE 1895 Society also act as ambassadors to other alumni and friends of the School by showing their commitment to philanthropy in shaping the future of LSE.

LSE 1895 Society giving levels:

Gift Club                              USA  

Shaw Circle            $1,700 - $8,499

Wallas Circle                $8,500 - $16,999

Webb Circle                     $17,000+ 

More information on the 1895 Society can be found here.