Student Experience

The Annual Fund is committed to LSE Students' Union (LSESU) and student-led projects which complement their academic development and which help students to gain the most from their LSE experience. A wide range of clubs and societies were among those to enjoy significant funding support.

Student Experience
Creative Business Series £1,000
LSESU Women's Volleyball Team £3,000
Sparks 3.0 hosted by LSESU Entrepreneurs £3,000
Subsidised yoga classes £2,000
LooSETV Ruthless £2,100
The Year of Faith Retreat £1,000
Japanese Cultural Evening £500
Equipment for LSESU Music Society Multi-Media
Itchy Feet Cultural Month £1,500
India Week 2013 £10,000
LSESU Young Leaders Creativity Month £6,000
LSESU Singapore Society Coffee Table Booklet £1,000
LSESU Timeless Production 2013 £6,000
Annual AMP Conference £1,500
LSE Ambassadors for Sport £30,000
LSESU Pakistan Week £7,320
LSE SU Visual Arts Exhibition £1,727
Creating a Sustainable School-Club Link £5,280
Table Tennis Leaders £2,820
LSESU Indoor Cricket League £4,000
Modernisation of the LSESU Rowing Club £15,000
LSESU social entrepreneurship initiative £4,000
Discover Islam Week (DIW) £1,000
Investing in Kitesurf Equipment £4,100
LSESU SIFE (expanding current projects, developing
new projects, pioneering commercial arm)
LSESU LGBT History Month:
Proud of our past. Working for a better future
The Alpha Mail £1,500
LSESU Hellenic Week £2,000
The Revolving Shed at the Edinburgh Fringe 2013 £5,000
"Growing up with HIV in Africa" Conference
(view the Special Report)
ASEN 23rd Annual Conference: “Nationalism and Revolution”  £3,000
LSE-Bayreuth Philosophy Conference  £500
Interdisciplinary PhD Networking Conference  £4,000
Sustainability in Practice Field Trip to Wales for MSc Environmental Policy and Regulation Students  £3,000
Bridge: London Undergraduate Anthropology Journal  £500
Joining practice and theory in Environment and Development – The Transitions Towns study case £3,500