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You are helping 76 projects at LSE this year

The generosity of alumni and friends enables the LSE Annual Fund to act as a springboard for essential projects across the School that help to maintain LSE’s status as a world leading social sciences university. Thank you.

A number of exciting initiatives within core themes that complement LSE’s strategic priorities were awarded Annual Fund support in 2013/14.

Teaching and research

The Institute of Public Affairs is a major new LSE engagement project that enhances further the School’s global reputation for teaching and research excellence. Led by world renowned academics, it brings the issues at the heart of public policy| to new audiences.

Social entrepreneurship

Six LSE student-led projects that promote social enterprise and entrepreneurship have been awarded start-up funding. These include the London 2030 Summit organised by students that provided a forum for current business and world leaders to meet and share their vision with the leaders of tomorrow|.

LSE student life

Initiatives that help to improve the LSE experience and prepare students for their future careers have also enjoyed significant funding. Among them is the LSE Careers and LSESU Training programme, a collaboration providing mentoring and professional guidance that helps undergraduates to apply practical knowledge to their academic credentials.

Student support

Ensuring the brightest minds can study at LSE regardless of their financial circumstances remains an Annual Fund priority. A £150,000 grant to New Futures Fund scholarships is helping over 40 students to enjoy an LSE education.

These are just a few examples of the impact of your support. In total, 76 projects that help to make LSE a better place have been made possible by you and the alumni and friends donor community. 

During the autumn, the report to donors with a full listing of all supported projects will be shared with donors who have made a gift in this financial year (1 Aug 2013-31 July 2014). 



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