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The Saw Swee Hock Student Centre (SAW)

A new heart for campus


LSE has transformed the student experience by building the best students’ centre in the world. The Saw Swee Hock Student Centre has become a student hub at the heart of LSE’s campus and has added significant value to the student experience at LSE, while being an exemplary piece of architecture that is innovative, sustainable and inspirational, and at the forefront of “Contemporary Westminster”.

The centre, which opened in early 2014, is the first new building at LSE for more than 40 years. It accommodates the LSE Students’ Union and, for the first time, brings together a wide range of student resources, including LSE Careers, into one building.

Career Resource Centre

The LSE Annual Fund at work

Driven by the needs of a large cohort of undergraduate and postgraduate students, LSE Careers is one of the busiest career services in the UK. The reputation of the ambitious student body at LSE ensures that our graduates are in high demand with top recruiters across a wide range of industries, both within the UK and around the world. Last year, the Friends and Family programme reached its goal of raising £100,000 for the new Career Resource Centre.

The Career Resource Centre provides books, DVDs, trade publications and software that are essential for career consultation. LSE Careers staff run approximately 150 one-to-one career appointments each week, and are continually working to develop the service they provide to students.

The Career Resource Centre is an essential resource for students, providing space for them to discuss their plans with guidance professionals, meet with alumni in their field of choice and participate in a range of interactive sessions led by employers. A new suite of computers provides access to interactive psychometric testing software and a specialist online careers library. The new centre also sees the installation of interview training equipment, allowing students to film their interview technique for feedback in careers consultations and will provide a facility for first round interviews with overseas recruiters.

The LSE Annual Fund would like to thank all Friends and Family donors for their generosity that has made the Career Resource Centre possible. Now all gifts to the Annual Fund made by Friends and Family members help to enhance the student experience and ensure LSE builds on its status as one of the world’s best universities. Donate online now or view other ways to make a gift to LSE.