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How to contact us
If you would like to learn more about how you can support LSE with a gift in your estate plans, you are encouraged to speak with the School's legacy officer, Viet-Anh Hua, in confidence to ensure that your wishes and interests can be met.  She can be contacted on +44 (0)7852 3654 or at legacy@lse.ac.uk.


Unrestricted giving

"There can be no question that the intentions of the Webbs when they founded the School in 1895 have been wonderfully fulfilled in the world class institution that LSE has become. This does not mean that one supports all the work going on there - but that this is precisely the point - LSE from the start was a broad, diverse body and so it should remain. A legacy is an effort to contribute in a small way to a future which builds successfully on LSE's great  past. My bequest left for the general purposes of LSE will continue that tradition."

Brian Van Arkadie, unrestricted legator 

An unrestricted legacy gift provides flexibility like no other. As the School changes in size and shape, so too will the national and global questions that our academics and students will seek to address. It is impossible to know the form such questions will assume in the next 10 to 50 years; but the School’s motto, ‘rerum cognoscere causas’,  - ‘to know the causes of things’ - will continue to guide the School’s principles throughout, as it has done since its inception. LSE’s academics and researchers will always strive to develop innovative ways to explore and provide solutions to the increasingly complex and inter-related problems of modern society.

Why give?

An unrestricted legacy gift can help to achieve many great things through the flexibility it affords the School. This enables LSE to seize unexpected opportunities and respond to the evolving needs and challenges of a growing urban campus and of wider society, whatever they may be.

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