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Student Support


Recruiting the world’s best students is vital to a university’s academic standing, and competition among leading institutions to attract such talent is intense. Talented students often find the financial challenges of university prohibitive, and philanthropic support can be instrumental in ensuring the realisation of their potential.

Why give?

Your gift can help us enrol the brightest students who will benefit from, and contribute to, the learning environment at the School, regardless of their financial circumstances.

“I am extremely grateful to the Robert and Dilys Rawson Scholarship – this is indeed a life buoy at a time when I am frantically treading water just to stay afloat. Besides alleviating my financial worries, this is also an affirmation of my potential and capabilities. More importantly, it is a well-needed reassurance that I have made the right choice, and a boost of confidence to propel me further.”
Sin Yee Koh, PhD Human Geography, Robert and Dilys Rawson Scholarship

“Your help is invaluable. The support that I have received during this time, and the support that the Olive Stone Award represents, has allowed me to look to my project with renewed energy and enthusiasm; it has allowed me to dedicate the necessary energy to my students; and finally, it has helped to protect my aspirations to pursue an academic career. These are aspirations that I intend to nourish as the following months unfold.”
Zelia Gallo, Olive Stone Memorial Scholarship Fund