Academic Staircase

Academic floors

Our new building brings together the political sciences to promote collaboration, new ideas and new solutions.

Centre Buildings Redevelopment: academic floors Centre Buildings Redevelopment: academic floors

The third to the twelfth floors of the building will provide a new home for the Departments of Government and International Relations, the European Institute, and the International Inequalities Institute, as well as a new School of Public Policy.

The building will provide an outstanding environment for world-leading faculty to carry out impactful research that examines questions like ‘how do we prevent another financial crisis?’, ‘how do we create fair asylum policies?’, ‘what does post-Brexit UK look like?’, and ‘how will this new era of post-Washington consensus politics play out?’.

Connected by the Academic Stair, the floors incorporate academic offices, open-plan work spaces for research students and fellows, and a number of meeting spaces, facilitating the kind of collaborations that spark new thinking and new approaches.

The building also presents a renewed opportunity to amplify the connection that students can have with their departments. Through the provision of work spaces and spaces for socialising, students will be given a level of access to departmental life that is currently not possible, and will be made to feel welcome and at home.