Redeveloping our Centre Building

LSE is creating a new landmark building and public square at the heart of our campus on Houghton Street.

We are creating a new home for political sciences at LSE that will enable close-knit departments, peer-to-peer interactions and cross-departmental collaborations, fostering positive experiences of studying and research for our students and staff

Tour of the building Tour of the building

Opening in 2019, our new 13-storey building will become a world-class home for the political sciences. Its spaces and facilities will support and inspire the people who work within in it and their ideas to transform the world through social-science research and education.

The lower floors of the building provide our students with a place to convene and call their own, with flexible spaces for independent study, and a number of lecture theatres and seminar rooms for teaching.

The Departments of Government and International Relations, the European Institute, the International Inequalities Institute and a new School of Public Policy will occupy the upper floors of the building, creating the first composite home for the political sciences.

The new public square that will be created at the northern end of Houghton Street will provide the campus with both a permeability that it currently lacks and a clear central landmark. The building also includes the LSE Alumni Centre, a custom-designed space through which we can welcome our alumni back to their campus.

Join us

The development of the Centre Building shows our students and staff that we value them and that we want to provide them with an environment in which they can perform at their best. Find out more about how you can support the creation of a building that will nurture and enable LSE people and their ideas.