LSE student life


Student-led clubs and societies contribute greatly to the LSE experience for students, supporting their academic studies and enhancing their social lives on campus.

The Annual Fund works closely with the LSE Students' Union and student groups to ensure a broad range of initiatives is funded philanthropically. This academic year, 76 student-led initiatives have been underpinned by Annual Fund grants.

Examples of these projects are:

  • Music Society’s teaching programme 

    The  society has been able to kick start a teaching programme at the school that will be running for years to come. Over 50 students have signed up to either teach or take part in lessons within the school. The funding also enabled them to purchase a large number of instruments stored in the new music room. 

  • Rowing Club 
    Founded in 1923 it aims to create an open and inclusive community of rowers and coxes from all levels of experience. Over the past 25 years, the club has grown exponentially to be the largest sports society at LSE, with over 120 paid members, 7 competitive men/women’s teams and guaranteed socials every week.
  • The Beyond the Classroom SU Talks lecture series which aimed at opening students’ eyes to alternative careers outside traditional sectors.
  • Refugee Week

    The LSE Students’ Union was able to host the School’s first ever Refugee Week in February, jointly organised by LSESU’s Student Action for Refugees and United Nations societies.