The impact of your support

In 2015/16 gifts from alumni and friends totalled £1,042,806, a record breaking year for the Annual Fund.

Your gifts had a significant impact on the people and places that make LSE distinct, supporting 93 projects.

Through gifts directed to student life, 87 projects received funding in 2015/16, allocated by the LSE Students’ Union (LSESU), in consultation with School representatives. These projects cover a wide range of activity, whether it is sport and recreation, personal development, or extracurricular academic societies.

These included:

  • Encouraging participation of women in sport. The LSESU Athletics Union Executive Committee received support for Women in Sports Week and the Women’s Rugby Club for their development festival.
  • Support of regional groups such as the LSESU China Development Society and the LSESU Italian Society which were able to organise their fora.
  • The Beyond the Classroom SU Talks lecture series which aimed at opening students’ eyes to alternative careers outside traditional sectors.
  • The LSESU Free Speech Society's website which aims to promote the values of free speech by staging campaigns against no-platforming and censorship.
  • 87 student initiatives supported, from cultural engagements such as the first St Patrick’s Day festival on campus to facilitating the growth of the LSE Triathlon Team.


As a new club, we still lack a lot of equipment. But now we are able to grow - this year we had our biggest turn out yet for the first race of the season.

LSE Triathlon Team captain Jamie Sim.


Making an LSE education a reality for 40 students through scholarship and bursary support


I can scarcely find words to express my gratitude to, and indeed admiration of, those people who have helped me and countless others like me on the way to realising their potential.

Muhammad Y Z Tayara (BSc Philosophy and Economics 2017).


Unrestricted raised monies are also allocated by the School administration via faculty/staff application rounds which take place twice a year. Recent successful projects that received funding awards include:

  • Seed funding to help establish the Centre for Women, Peace and Security, a leading academic space at LSE for scholars, practitioners, activists, policy-makers and students to develop strategies to promote justice, human rights and participation for women in conflict affected situations around the world.
  • Projects marking Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day.
  • The LSE Space for Thought Literary Festival which was inspired by the anniversary of Thomas More’s Utopia.
  • Contributing towards the IGA’s start-up phase, enabling it to launch the Global Migration Initiative, which aims to find workable policy solutions for the global challenge of international migration, and the Rethinking Global Finance Initiative which increases the research capacity of emerging market economies to strengthen their voice in the G20.


LSE is setting an impressive example to other universities in the UK. We need new and innovative partnerships, and this Centre will become part of a network working to shatter impunity for sexual violence in conflict and advance the rights of women.

Former Secretary of State William Hague, speaking at the launch of the Centre for Women, Peace and Security.

 Find out more about these and the many other ways in which alumni and friends are contributing to the future of the School in the Annual Fund report to donors.