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Tuition fees and fee status 2015

Every undergraduate student is charged a fee for each year of his or her course.

The fee covers registration and examination fees payable to the School, lectures, classes and individual supervision, and lectures given at other colleges under intercollegiate arrangements and, under current arrangements, membership of the Students' Union. It does not cover living costs or travel or fieldwork.

Fees are fixed each spring for the following session only.

All queries regarding your fees and fee payments are dealt with by the Fees Office

Fee status classification 

On receipt of your UCAS form the School carries out an assessment of your fee status determining the amount you are likely to pay at Registration. This decision is based on guidelines provided by the Department of Education: Education (Fees and Awards) Regulations 1997. Further information is on our fee status classification page.

Fees for 2015 entry

Home UK/EU fees

For 2015 entry the fees will be set later in the year. However as a guideline for the 2014 entry the LSE tuition fee for new UK and European Union (EU) undergraduates is £9,000 for the first year, but may rise in line with inflation in subsequent years. 

Under the 2014 arrangements, students ordinarily resident in England and EU students to not have to pay any tuition fees up front. Instead, the cost of tuition is covered by a non-means tested government loan which students only start to repay once they have left their programme and are earning over £21,000 per year. Students from Wales are also entitled to have their fees paid up front, and this takes the form of part loan and part grant. Fee loans are also available to students from Scotland and Northern Ireland but terms may differ. it is also possible for you or your family to pay some or all of the fee up front. 

More information about tuition fee loans can be found on the following websites



Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

Northern Ireland



Channel Island Fees

For 2015 entry, the fees will be set later in the year. However, as a guideline for 2014 the LSE tuition fee for new undergraduates ordinarily resident in the Channel Islands is £9,000 per year. 

Overseas fees

For 2015 entry, the LSE tuition fee for new overseas (non-EU) undergraduates will be set later in the year. However as a guideline the LSE tuition fee for new overseas (non-EU) undergraduates in 2014 is £16,392 per year.

Overseas students are required to pay this fee in instalments or in full at the start of each year. Rewards are available for early payment, details of which can be found on the Fees Office web pages.