Student Shadowing (Years 12/13)

Student Shadowing provides a unique opportunity for Year 12 & 13 students from schools and colleges in the UK to gain an insight into studying at LSE. Students spend half a day at LSE shadowing one of our undergraduate students. They experience an undergraduate lecture, a tour of the campus, a taste of Student Union activities and get the chance to quiz students on their university life.

Students also have the opportunity to speak to one of our Student Recruitment team with any queries or concerns they have about admissions and other aspects of studying at LSE. We hope that shadowing a student will allow Year 12 & 13 students to make an informed decision about whether to apply to LSE.

In the past two years over 200 students have taken part in LSE's Student Shadowing Scheme.

Feedback from students includes:

"“I wasn’t sure whether university was the path for me, but visiting LSE has really opened my eyes."

"I was shocked to find how friendly and comfortable the environment was. Although the studying facilities and their quality play an important role in making a good reputation, I feel the environment is vital for the student."

"Being able to view the campus and talk to current students was invaluable."

This scheme is highly competitive. Therefore, we would encourage applications from students who are on track to meet our minimum entry requirements. See our programme specific requirements|.

Please note that LSE does not cover attendees’ travel expenses.

How to apply

Complete the online application form|.

If you have any questions, please contact Amanpreet Uppal|