Widening participation

The WP team has worked with over 2300 school students from a total of 260 schools in the academic year 2013-2014. The team looks forward to reaching more schools and students in 2014-2015.

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Now recruiting for Summer School staff!

Year 11 Summer School and LSE CHOICE

LSE Widening Participation aims to raise the aspiration and attainment bright pupils from London state schools.  LSE delivers a number of projects that encourage young people from under-represented backgrounds to aim for a university education.

We are now recruiting for summer school staff for both our summer schools taking place in July and August.

The closing date for applications is Monday 2 March 2015.  Applications should be sent to widening.participation@lse.ac.uk



23 students on Widening Participation programmes are expected to enrol at LSE this October

Rahul Shah and Zahrah Mohammad are two of the successful WP students who will start at LSE this October after attending the Summer School and Pathways to Law programme, respectively.


LSE is committed to recruiting the best possible students with the highest academic and intellectual potential, regardless of their economic or social background. Students who consider applying to LSE should be assured that we do not discriminate when selecting students; LSE's only aim is to recruit students who will gain the most from three years of LSE undergraduate study.  

We offer a range of activities for schools and colleges in the UK and overseas, such as campus visits and school talks.  Many of these are open to all, regardless of sector or location. 

However, we do recognise that not all applicants are afforded the same educational opportunities. To this end, in addition to our ongoing general recruitment activities, LSE has been involved with a number of widening participation and access initiatives since 1998, with the aim of raising the aspirations of school and college students. These schemes are not just aimed at increasing the number of applications to LSE, but are aimed at encouraging students to apply to fulfil their potential at the best university for them.  

Details of all the Widening Participation programmes including eligibility criteria can be found in the links on the left hand navigation. If you are interested in participating in any Widening Participation programmes that are taking place in 2014-15 please email us.