WP opportunities for LSE students

Want to make a difference to the lives of inner city school children? Then volunteer with Widening Participation!

Why join?
The Widening Participation (WP) team works with young people from under-represented backgrounds in London state schools to raise their aspirations, attainment, and to increase their awareness of their Higher Education options. LSE students have an integral role to play in WP projects as they act as inspiring role models, a source of information and support.

Benefits to LSE students include:

  • improving your transferable skills such as communication and time management
  • strengthening your CV / resume
  • giving back and getting involved in your local community
  • Undergraduate students will also have their participation recorded on their LSE Personal Development Aide Memoire (PDAM) record.  

Projects that LSE students can get involved in:

Student Tutors: Assisting pupils in a particular subject in the classroom environment. Tutoring runs for 9 weeks from January - March 2015.

Student Mentors: Sessions aimed at helping pupils think about their personal, social and academic development. The scheme runs for 9 weeks from January - March 2015. Previous experience working with young people is desirable. 

Student Ambassadors: Paid opportunities on a flexible basis. This is open to first and second year students only and include activities such as giving campus tours, and leading young people in focussed group work. 

Law Mentoring: LSE Law students can take part in face to face and e-mentoring programmes, providing advice and guidance to 16-18 year olds interested in pursuing a degree in law.

All roles are subject to completing training and a Disclosure and Barring Check.

For more information, please see the WP opportunities presentation and WP opportunities leaflet.

Before you apply

  • It is strongly recommended to come to an information session to understand the programmes in more depth before applying.
  • It is not possible to apply for both the Student Tutoring Scheme and the Mentoring Scheme as this would be too much of a demand on your time.
  • Please ensure that you have your timetable before you apply.
  • Please note that all roles are subject to a Disclosure and Barring Check. Please see below for further details.

Student Ambassadors - The application period is now closed for this programme.

Student Mentoring  - The application period is now closed for this programme.

Student Tutoring - The application period is now closed for this programme.

Law students - if you are interested in applying to participate in the Alison Wetherfield Law Programme please see:

Alison Wetherfield Law Programme

For further information on each of the programmes please see the programme links in the menu on the left.  

Disclosure and Barring Checks

Please note that if you apply for any of the above positions you will have to complete a DBS check. To complete this, you will need to provide five years of addresses and details of when you lived at each address. Please also take a look at the following documentation list. You will need to provide one document from group 1 and a further two documents from groups 1, 2a or 2b.  All documents must be original and one must show your current address. You will be asked to complete the check before you are fully enrolled in any of the programmes so please prepare all your documentation as soon as possible.