Personal statement

Due to the level of competition for admission to the School, the quality of an applicant's personal statement is an important part of our admissions criteria. You should consult our advice in the links on the left-hand side of this page, as well as advice from UCAS when preparing to complete this section of the application.

When we consider your application, we will make our decision not solely on the basis of your previous and predicted qualifications, but also any other information that shows whether you have achieved the academic standard, level of knowledge (including proficiency in English) and motivation necessary to complete the course. We are looking to recruit students who are continuing to develop academically, and in the case of mature applicants, those who can show that they are aware of the demands and pressures of full-time study.

Your personal statement should indicate the nature and extent of your interest in the subject/s you wish to study. This is particularly important where you have applied for a wide range of subjects and/or you have no background of study in your chosen degree subject/s.

A good personal statement on your UCAS form is vital - as we do not interview for places at the School, it is your only opportunity to sell yourself to LSE. It is essential that you have a well-prepared statement, so that it grabs the attention of our Admissions Tutors. Our Admissions Tutors are looking for well-rounded individuals, with the ability and motivation to complete their chosen course, and derive benefit from it.

The personal statement is your opportunity to tell the institutions why you are applying to university and why you have chosen your course/s, and to provide details of your skills, extra curricular activities and interests. This information will help the Admissions Tutors to decide who to offer a place to when they are looking at all of the application forms.