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MG220: Corporate and Organisational Strategy

Session: Two
Prerequisites: A university level introductory course in psychology, sociology, political science, management, or economics.

Dr Jordi Blanes i Vidal

This course is an introduction to the strategic management of modern diversified firms. It studies how the firm’s portfolio of products and its internal organisation can be designed to maximise corporate performance. 

The course addresses the following questions facing modern managers: 

  • What products and activities should the firm focus on? 
  • What tasks should be subcontracted and which should be carried out inside the firm? 
  • When should a firm expand geographically? 
  • How should the firm be organised internally in order to coordinate and motivate employees, managers and other stakeholders? 
  • How should the firm’s scope and internal organisation adapt to changes in the environment?

The issues will be approached by integrating conceptual, empirical and case methods. Particular emphasis will be placed on bringing these different perspectives together. The course will only require basic mathematical knowledge but will call for rigorous reasoning. In the classes, students are expected to make presentations and to participate actively in the discussions.

There is no textbook that covers all the issues in this course. A number of optional readings will be provided to students on the course.

Lectures: 36 hours    Classes: 12 hours
Assessment: Project work and one written examination