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LL205 European Union Law

Session: One
Prerequisites: Introduction to Legal Methods or Equivalent

Dr Michael A. Wilkinson
Dr Jan Komarek
Dr Floris de Witte

The course offers an introduction to the law and politics of the EU, covering the institutional, constitutional and substantive aspects of European integration. It provides an overview of the structures of the European Union, its law-making processes, and the relevant case law on free movement, citizenship, and fundamental rights, while at the same time introducing political questions about the dynamics and direction of integration.

The course will challenge you not only to understand, but also to critically assess the structures, methods and content of EU law. It will include discussion of the current crisis of the EU and its future trajectory, and involve practical problem-solving skills such as moot court exercises and simulation of inter-institutional dialogue.  

The course is therefore aimed at those interested not only in the law of the EU, but also in understanding the functioning of the EU institutions and the current problems that Europe faces. It is not restricted to those with a background in law but will also appeal to those with an interest in European politics, history and economics and international relations.


The basic reading for this course will consist of the new edition of Chalmers, Davies and Monti, ‘EU Law: Cases and Materials’ (CUP, 2014, forthcoming). Electronic materials will also be used.

Lectures: 36 hours    Classes: 12 hours

Assessment: One written assessment and one written examination