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LN102: Preparatory English

Session: Prior to Session Two
Dates: 20 July – 24 July 2015
Prerequisites: To have an offer of a regular Summer School course

This course may not be suitable for advanced speakers, or students who have already studied in a native English speaking environment.

Course Co-ordinator: Mike McGarvey

Course organisation

There are lectures during the week addressing current issues in the social sciences. During lectures, students are encouraged to practise listening and note-taking skills. 

The maximum numbers of students in a class is 12-14. Students are divided according to subject. When there are very few students opting for a course, students will be placed in a group whose subject most closely corresponds to theirs.

Course content

Teachers aim to work as far as possible with material which is similar to or connected with that of the course subjects, but we stress that we are primarily teachers of ENGLISH. Our main language objectives are: 

  • to increase fluency in writing, speaking and listening. 
  • to prepare students for seminars and written examinations. 
  • to raise awareness of language, structures and vocabulary related to subject areas.
  • to provide lecture listening and note-taking practice.
  • to provide practice in giving oral presentations.

Course detail

Classes will deal with listening, discussion, reading and writing. Emphasis will be placed on note-taking, appropriate academic style and presentation practice. Grammar needs will be dealt with within the framework of the material being used. On the final day of the course, students will be required to give a group presentation.

English course outline

One week: 10:00 -15:30 daily 
Class/lecture from 10:00 -11:00, 11.30 -13:00 and 14:00-15:30

Assessment: A timed essay and group presentation.
2014 course fees: £500