About Economics at LSE

LSE’s Economics Department is one of the largest in the world. It has an outstanding international reputation based on its research and publications and is acknowledged as the leading faculty in Europe. The size of the Department ensures that all the mainstream areas of Economics are strongly represented in research and teaching.

The 2010 Nobel Prize for Economics was awarded to Professor Christopher Pissarides for his “collaborative work for the analysis of markets with search frictions”. In addition nine former members of staff or students have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics. (Sir John Hicks 1972, Friedrich von Hayek 1974, James Meade 1977, Sir Arthur Lewis 1979, Merton Miller 1990, Ronald Coase 1991, Amartya Sen 1998, Robert Mundell 1999, George Akerlof 2001).


Dr Gianluca Benigno
PhD (UC Berkeley)
Associate Professor in Economics, LSE whose research interests include international macroeconomics, international finance and monetary economics.

Marcia Schafgans

Dr Marcia Schafgans
MA, MPhil, PhD (Yale)
Associate Professor in Economics, LSE whose research interests include theoretical and applied microeconomics, semiparametric and nonparametric estimation techniques, limited dependent variable models, sample selection models, development economics, and spatial econometrics.