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Social Programme

Social Programme in one minute

Watch this short film to hear what previous students thought of the social events and activities.

Although our primary concern is providing world-class education, we want to ensure that our students make the most of the time spent with us at the LSE.

We offer a wide range of social activities, solely for our students. We hope that in doing so we are able to provide our students with an opportunity to experience something new in London, and a chance to meet other students.


Events and activities include:

  • LSE events and receptions
  • West End Theatre trips
  • Visits to Oxford, Cambridge and Bath

More of our 2016 programme to be announced soon!


Summer School Lecture Series


One of the aims of LSE Summer School is to bring the ‘LSE experience’ to all of our students. Seven years ago we launched our first full programme of lectures, exclusively for LSE Summer School, given by topflight speakers.

Previous summer lecture highlights include:

Simon Hix
  • Professor Andrew Murray
    If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear (and other myths surrounding mass digital surveillance)
    Listen to the podcast
  • Professor Lorenzo Codogno
    Thinking ahead for Europe: challenges and opportunities
    Listen to the podcast
  • Masha Gordon
    Style Investing: Behavioural traps and strategies for successful execution
    Listen to the podcast


Professor Craig Calhoun
  • Former LSE Director Professor Craig Calhoun on
    Social Movements in the US: From the American Revolution to Obama
    Listen to the podcast

  • Professor Mick Cox (LSE) and Jonathan Fenby debate
    When will America and China go to war?
    Listen to the podcast
  • Lord Meghnad Desai (LSE) on
    The Great Crash of 2008: Causes, Consequences and the Future of the World Economic System
    Listen to the podcast
  • Professor Conor Gearty on
    Human Rights, Security and the Rule of Law after Snowden
    Listen to the podcast
  • Professor Fawaz Gerges on
    Making sense of the Islamic State: An Organic Crisisin Arab Politics
    Listen to the podcast