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Sociology of Finance: Networks, Culture and Performance

Dates:   30 June - 4 July 2014
Fees: £4,750

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Teaching faculty:  Dr Daniel Beunza| and Nina Andreeva

This course is designed to develop the knowledge and understanding of the managerial and relational aspect of capital markets, including the use of social networks in finance, managing traders, and shaping corporate culture. 

Course overview:

In short, this course presents applications of current sociological research to the issues faced by financial organisations. It offers managerial lessons from the financial crisis, in particular for financial communication, model choices, and financial technology.

Programme benefits:

  • Gain the theoretical and practical foundations required to understand the managerial and relational aspects of finance
  • Acquire skills in evaluating and managing the culture of financial firms
  • Understand the impact of technology and various valuation practices on the financial markets
  • Discover the limits of economic and financial models and explore the ways they are influenced by financial communication
  • Collaborate and network with professionals from a range of different industries .

This executive course is particularly suitable for:

  • Senior managers of banks or hedge funds, looking to understand how to manage the culture of their organizations
  • Risk officers and risk managers looking to leverage the power of social networks in their quest to discover red flags and potential problems
  • Financial consultants and lawyers interested in new management models for their clients
  • Regulators and supervisors seeking to gain a sense of the soft aspect of financial organizations that complements their grasp of legal and formal aspects.

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This course introduces participants to the emerging discipline of the sociology of finance. It builds on the paradox that whereas financial markets are inherently social, existing academic approaches focus either on the impersonal market forces (orthodox finance) or on the individual biases and mistakes of individuals (behavioural finance). By contrast the course applies pioneering sociological research on networks, technologies, valuation, responsible investment and management to the issues faced by financial firms. 

Key topics:

  • Social networks in trading and valuation
  • Bank culture after the credit crisis
  • Models as self-fulfilling prophecies
  • Responsible investment
  • Financial communication

Testimonials about our teaching faculty and course content.

Hear from our 2013 Summer School cohort:

“Lecturers were most enthusiastic, which made everything very interesting.  Very good cases and exceptionally good guest speakers.”

“LSE has very good infrastructure and the dedication of Dr. Daniel Beunza cannot be expressed in words.”

“Great organisation, and a very active and enthusiastic lecturer… I was more than satisfied by the course.”

“I just loved it. I’m taking back such a large bank of knowledge.”

“An excellent format for exposure to a new subject… the teachers were very qualified and placed emphasis on class participation.”

“The course gave me new and unique insights as well as made me reflect a lot about how to improve the financial markets and change the way these are understood and studied. I've learned a lot.”

Participants on the 2013 Summer School Foundations in the Social Studies of Finance

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