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Climate Change: Economics and Governance|
A multi-disciplinary course providing an in-depth overview of the economics and governance of climate change, and how they are impacting on the environment for a range of organisations.

Beyond Rationality: Behavioural Economics and the Modern Economy|
This course brings students up to date with modern developments in behavioural economics by first examining those earlier more orthodox views before going on to examine the theoretical basis and basic policy implications of behavioural contributions to economic thought.

Macroeconomic Challenges of Global Imbalances|
Events in the global economy and in financial markets shape investment and strategic decisions. This course provides an up-to date overview and economic interpretation of these challenges in the light of recent developments in economic analysis.

Global Finance in Crisis - Causes, Consequences and Futures|
Since 2007 the global financial system has faced the most serious crisis since the 1930’s. The Eurozone crisis is only the most recent phase of this global crisis. This course explores how and why its impact has been so wide and deep and why it will reshape economies and policies for years to come.


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