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About the Programme

Welcome from Professor George Gaskell

GGFor the majority of social scientists research methods are a means to an end, not an end in themselves. The "ends" are to get a better handle on the "causes of things", to paraphrase LSE's motto, handed down from our founding parents. The "means" are a combination of theoretical insights and research methods to explore social phenomena and to test hypotheses on the basis of empirical data.

Research methods are the tool box for social scientists; those with only one basic tool will run into problems. The skilled social scientist has a variety of tools at his or her disposal, and knows from experience which tool to use for a particular problem. Selecting the right method, implementing it with care, and recognising its strengths and limitations are all part of the repertoire of required skills.

Since its launch in 2012, the aim of the Methods Summer Programme has been to provide training in research methods as used by the top researchers in the field.  Courses on the programme are designed to introduce participants to a particular method and to develop through a series of lectures and practical exercises a deeper and useful knowledge of that method; to know when it is well indicated, to understand its conceptual underpinnings, and to gain experience of the method in practice and the interpretation of the results. All courses are taught by world-class academics steeped in experience of social research and with an enthusiasm for the subject.

Methods Summer Programme courses are aimed at students, academics and social researchers in the public and private sectors. They are designed to help not only those who engage in their own primary research, but also those who use and consume research in their day-to-day work, as well as those who commission and manage research projects. Whatever your background, we are committed to delivering a rewarding and enriching LSE experience.

Professor George Gaskell
Programme Director
LSE Methods Summer Programme


Professor George Gaskell
Programme Director, Methods Summer Programme
Professor Gaskell has been the Programme Director of the LSE Methods Summer Programme since 2014. He holds a BSc and PhD in Psychology from UCL, and joined LSE in 1973. He was the Director of the Methodology Institute for a number of years, and until 2014 was Pro-Director (Resources and Planning) of LSE. Outside of LSE he has also served as a member of a number of international advisory committees and boards related to ethics in science.


Teri Dunn

Teri Dunn
Programme Executive, Methods Summer Programme
Office hours: 10.00am-5.30pm

Teri has worked on the Methods Summer Programme since 2013, and is responsible for all aspects of the running of the programme



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Sam Ryan
Programme Assistant, Methods Summer Programme
Office hours: 10.00am-5.30pm

Sam has worked on the Methods Summer Programme since January 2016. Sam is also a programme assistant for LSE's Executive Education Courses.