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Tyrone Curtis
Programme Coordinator

Methods Summer Programme
London School of Economics
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London WC2A 2AE

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Mathematics & Statistics Courses

Please find below the expected 2015 Mathematics & Statistics course line up. Please be aware this has not been fully confirmed and is still subject to change.

Factor Models in Time Series with Applications in Macroeconomics and Finance|
24-28 August 2015
A graduate level course about “big data” analysis. It introduces methods and techniques for extracting meaningful and useful information from large panels of time series.

Introduction to Data Science and Big Data Analytics|
17-28 August 2015

This course covers the fundamentals of data science, focusing on predictive analytics and extracting patterns from big data. Topics include statistical methods, data structures and data manipulation. Technologies used include R, SQL, and Python.

Latent Variable Modelling and Structural Equation Modelling for Social Sciences Research|
(Course dates to be confirmed)
A course on latent variables and structural equation models for continuous and categorical observed variables for cross-sectional and longitudinal data, and their application to social sciences.

Real Analysis|
10-28 August 2015
A considerable part of economic theory is difficult to follow without a strong background in Real Analysis. This course will introduce students to concepts of modern analysis such as continuity, metric spaces, compactness and convexity, and will show the connections to economic theory. Note: the first week of this course (10-14 August 2015) will be delivered online.

Statistical Methods for Social Research using SPSS|
17-28 August 2015 
Data-driven research requires knowledge of the appropriateness of different statistical techniques and the means to perform empirical calculations. This course equips researchers with these tools using the popular SPSS package.