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Methods Summer Programme
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The Methods Programme Office is closed from 17-23 April 2014. We will respond to all queries upon our return on 24 April 2014.

Economics & Econometrics Courses

Intermediate Econometrics|
18-29 August 2014
The typical introductory econometrics course is mostly confined to the Classical Linear Regression Model. This is a second course in econometrics: econometrics beyond the Classical Linear Regression Model.

Tools for Macroeconomists: The Essentials|
18-22 August 2014
A hands-on graduate-level course teaching key techniques to solve, analyse, and estimate macroeconomic models. 

Tools for Macroeconomists: Advanced Tools|
25-29 August 2014
A graduate-level course teaching state-of-the-art techniques to solve and analyse advanced macroeconomic models.

Students in economics may also find the following courses interesting:

Factor Models in Time Series with Applications in Macroeconomics and Finance|
18-22 August 2014
A graduate level course about “big data” analysis. It introduces methods and techniques for extracting meaningful and useful information from large panels of time series.

Real Analysis|
11-29 August 2014
A considerable part of economic theory is difficult to follow without a strong background in Real Analysis. This course will introduce students to concepts of modern analysis such as continuity, metric spaces, compactness, convexity and integration and will show the connections to economic theory. Note: the first week of this course (11-15 August) will be delivered online.