We are currently trying to obtain bursary funding for participants with
limited financial means to ensure that the July School is attended by the best and the brightest, regardless of personal financial circumstances. We will publish information on this page if any funding becomes available, and encourage prospective applicants to regularly check this site for updates. We will also inform existing applicants who may be eligible for bursaries, if any funding is subsequently obtained.

We will also collating information to provide prospective applicants with suggestions for other forms of funding, such as crowdfunding and details of bursaries or sources of funding which are not managed by the LSE-UCT July School. We will publish this information on this page from the end of January 2016.


If you or the organisation you represent would like to provide bursary funding for participants who wish to attend the LSE-UCT July School, please contact us. We are grateful for all funding received and can provide reports to sponsorship bodies about how funds have been used and what impact donations have had.