Nona Buckley-Irvine

Who are you?

I'm Nona Buckley-Irvine and I'm currently studying at LSE for a BSc in Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method. I am also this year's LSE SU RAG president.

What did you study on the LSE-UCT July School?

I took the Government course about the state and development in Africa. The course was from a completely different perspective to what I had been taught before, which has entirely changed my perspective on topics I am studying now. It encouraged me to be sceptical of the institutions that govern an international society and question the legitimacy of certain ingrained notions such as First World and Third World.

Studying at the July School sparked new interests for me and I am now doing my dissertation on a topic related to my course, and chose my modules for this academic year according to what I had learnt in Cape Town.

The teaching was absolutely fantastic and had an impact on how I commit to my studies, making me appreciate more what I should be getting out of my time at LSE.

How was your experience of Cape Town?

The opportunity to study in Cape Town was amazing. In the future I might like to go back to Cape Town to study a Masters! I'm really interested in global justice and would like to take that further – if not in academia then through a career in journalism.