Fundi Ngundi

Who are you?

My name is Fundi Ngundi, and I’ve just completed an MSc in Development Management at LSE. I am from Kenya, and I'm now working as a Senior International Development Advisor with KPMG Kenya.

What did you study on the LSE-UCT July School?

I chose the African economic development course because I needed to be equipped with a better understanding of the dynamics surrounding the economics and development challenges facing the African continent in the 21st century, my target area for development work once I left LSE.

The course was enlightening, demanding and engaging. We covered a myriad of topics in a short period of time and the group exercises, class sessions and seminar discussions were a great learning experience. The diversity of the students and teachers at the July School was unparalleled, and the networking and friendships made will be  lifelong. I enjoyed every aspect of the course and highly recommend it for any Africa enthusiasts out there!

How was your experience of Cape Town?

Cape Town is a beautiful coastal city. The people are warm, friendly and the city is simply breath-taking. There are numerous options for sightseeing and a great choice of accommodation and restaurants. UCT is among the world’s top 10 most beautiful universities, so why not spend two weeks there building your knowledge?