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LPS-MG301 Demystifying China: Understanding Business and Marketing Strategies in China

Dr Rui Wang, Assistant Professor, Marketing, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University

Course outline

The objective of this course is to provide students with a critical understanding of the Chinese market and consumers, as well as business and marketing strategies in China.

The first two sessions of the course, focus on unique aspects of the Chinese market and Chinese consumers, which are most relevant to doing business in China. Students explore these issues through experiential learning exercises and class discussions.

Sessions 3-5 address business strategies including positioning, product branding, promotion and pricing environment that firms use to enhance their ability to successfully market to the Chinese consumer. We may discuss the different business models that international firms use in China.

Sessions 6-8 focus on how firms try to reach consumers via marketing channels in China, e-commerce includes as online channels. Students will learn the different characteristics of channel strategies of firms in China. A mixture of lectures and case discussions are used to assist students to develop a balanced view on channel theory and practice in China.

Sessions 9-10 focus on other business, such as service industries in China and internationalization of Chinese firms and Chinese brands. In addition, we will discuss how Chinese brands go global.

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About the Instructor


Dr Rui Wang is currently Assistant Professor of Marketing at Guanghua School of Management at Peking University. She obtained her Ph.D. in marketing from Pennsylvania State University, USA.

Dr Wang’s research interests are mainly in strategic marketing areas such as B2B marketing, marketing leadership, social networks, and interfirm relationships. Her research papers have appeared in the leading international journals, such as Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing, and Chief Marketing Officer Journal.