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LPS-MG102: Management, Entrepreneurship and Global Leadership

This course examines new enterprise development and management issues in the context of globalisation. Drawing from decades of research in entrepreneurship, strategy, and organisational behaviour, we explore the key components of new venture creation – evaluating entrepreneurial opportunities, writing and presenting effective business plans, applying various funding mechanisms, and developing growth and exit strategies, etc., with a special emphasis on the impact of the globalisation of technology, capital, and labour markets and the opportunities and constraints facing start-ups.

The orientation of the course is both analytical and managerial. We will review classic theories and cutting-edge research in the evolving field of entrepreneurship. We will also discuss a diverse set of cases that represent firms operating in various industries and countries and illustrate both successes and failures. In addition, students will get hands-on experience by working in teams to develop a business plan.

Through a combination of these teaching methods, we aim to achieve the following goals: to provide students with the conceptual models and tools for analysing business opportunities and formulating entrepreneurial strategies; to equip them with practical skills and techniques essential to planning, financing, and operating new business ventures; and to familiarise them with strategic, organisational, and managerial approaches appropriate in different contexts, both in developed economies and emerging markets.

The course will be built around a number of themes, including

  • Theories of firm dynamics and entrepreneurial processes
  • Creativity, idea generation, and opportunity analysis
  • Clusters and innovation networks
  • Entrepreneurial finance and pro forma financial statements
  • Venture capital, IPO, and the financial markets
  • Entrepreneurial marketing
  • Organisational architecture and entrepreneurial leadership
  • Growth, exit strategies, and harvesting your business
  • Global markets and international entrepreneurship

This course is geared toward a wide range of individuals, especially those who are interested in learning about building and leading an entrepreneurial organisation in a globally competitive business environment. There is no prerequisite and we will review key concepts in management during the course. Students from other academic disciplines will be able to follow the course and can offer diverse perspectives.

There are two types of sessions – lectures and seminars. The lectures will focus on theories, conceptual models, and analytical techniques. The seminars are interactive sessions where the seminar instructor will guide the students to analyse business cases and develop a team-based business plan.

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Full course outline

About the Instructor

Fei Qin

Dr Fei Qin is on the faculty of Management at LSE. She was Phelan Fellow at the International Labour Organisation in Geneva in 2005 and a visiting faculty at the Sloan School of Management of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2011. She is also a core member of the research team of the Innovation Co-Creation Lab. Dr Qin holds a PhD from the Sloan School of Management at MIT.

Her research focuses on international entrepreneurship, global production networks, and business model innovation. She has led research projects in China, India, Italy, the UK, and the US on entrepreneurship and global value chains. One of her papers was selected by Emerald as among the top 50 academic articles in management worldwide in 2007.

Sometimes guest speakers, usually successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, are invited to share their insights (such sessions are arranged subject to the availability of guest speakers).