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LPS-EC208: Economics of Gender: An Asian and Comparative Perspective

This course will offer students a good understanding of progress towards gender equality across the world today, with a strong focus on China in a comparative and global perspective. It will also provide participants with the necessary in-depth economic understanding and empirical evidence to answer questions such as: Why has the position of women changed so dramatically in the last 50 years, and in history? Why does it differ from country to country to this day? Why is women’s pay and work, and position in the household, still far from equal? Is this injurious to women’s welfare only, or to all? What policies and environments can lead to greater gender equality? 

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About the Instructor

Judith Shapiro

Dr Judith Shapiro is the Undergraduate Tutor in the
Department of Economics at LSE. Her research interests include the economics of post-transition and transition (with a particular focus on Russia), and the economics of health and population. She has previously held positions as Chief of the Transition Economics Section of the United Nations Economics Commission for Europe and professor at Moscow’s New Economic School.