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LPS-EC205: China's Economic Transition and Future Development

(Updated for 2016)

By any standard, China’s economic performance over the past 35 years has been impressive. Its unique development story provides valuable lessons for other countries seeking to emulate its success. However, the country also faces mounting challenges that threaten its future. What are the driving forces behind China’s phenomenal growth and is the current development model sustainable? Can China maintain its fast pace towards a high income economy given the demographic, social and institutional challenges? Will China’s rise to global supremacy pose significant disruption to the world, the environment, and the fabric of its own society?

This course tries to answer the above questions by offering a comprehensive overview of China’s economic development and its role in the world economy. Theoretical knowledge and empirical analyses will be provided to help the students understand China’s economic transition process. The topics covered include the history of a modern Chinese economy, the principles that guided China’s institutional reforms, the transitional paths in its agricultural, industrial, financial and foreign sectors, and the multi-dimensional challenges confronting China’s future economic growth. Special attention will be paid to China’s current economic issues, which will allow the students to form a balanced view on the country’s future prospects.

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About the Instructor


Dr Xuezheng Qin is an associate professor in the School of Economics and a research associate in the Health Economics and Management Institute at Peking University. He earned his BS from Peking University and his PhD in Economics from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

His primary research interests include health economics, labour economics, and applied econometrics. His research is funded by Natural Science Foundation of China, Ministry of Education of China, International Development Research Centre (Canada), and others. He has published numerous papers in peer reviewed journals such as China Economic Review, Health Policy and Planning,European Journal of Health Economics, China Agricultural Economic Review, and ManagementWorld Monthly.

Dr Qin served as an adjunct lecturer at SUNY Buffalo and a research fellow in the New York State Center of Excellence on Human Capital. His current research focuses on health insurance, health related behaviours, regional distribution of healthcare resources, and intergenerational transfer of human capital.