Tim Gunning



Who are you?

My name is Tim Gunning. I’m from the Netherlands and I am currently studying Business and Organisation at the Vrije University in Amsterdam.

What did you study on the LSE-PKU Summer School?

I chose the course Demystifying China: Business and marketing strategies in China as in the future I hope to work China and I thought the course would be a good start. I didn’t regret my choice - it was a very exciting and insightful course and it has provided me with a good foundation. Professor Wang’s outstanding knowledge gave me an amazing insight into the Chinese consumer, combining theory and knowledge with real life cases. This made the course real and exciting, giving it an extra dimension: Understanding Chinese culture, standards, values and habits can make the difference between success and failure.

I also wanted a fun, international experience and my classmates and professors were all great people. During class we had a lot of laughs, and after class during a nice dinner we laughed some more. I met some beautiful people, and am sure that we will keep in touch for a long time.


How was your experience of Beijing?

I had been to Beijing before but only as a tourist. This time around it was nice to experience living in China and I could focus on my studies. I joined the trip to the Great Wall to enjoy the fantastic views and fresh air, and I visited a friend in Shanghai after the programme, though I do find that Beijing has more history and culture to offer.