Rachel Melrose


Who are you?

My name is Rachel Melrose, and I’m from Wellington New Zealand. I work for the New Zealand Treasury, working on trade, especially NZ’s relationship with China and the World Bank.

What did you study on the LSE-PKU Summer School?

I chose to study the Global Economy course because I hadn’t studied much macroeconomics before, and it gave a broad overview of a range of issues relevant to my job. It gave me the chance to experience China, and to improve my understanding of trade economics and the Global Financial Crisis.

The course really exceeded my expectations. Professor Danny Quah was a fantastic lecturer, and we studied practical, relevant course material. I really enjoyed studying with students from so many different countries. It meant our tutorial discussions always involved lots of different insights and perspectives.


How was your experience of Beijing?

I’d not been to China before and it was fantastic – I’d go back just for the food. Fourteen dumplings on campus for just a few cents! The insights I gained have been useful for my work back home, and it’s made me want to see a lot more of China.