Nicholas Nalbantian


Who are you?

I’m Nicholas Nalbantian, I am a US citizen who is  currently studying International History at LSE.

What did you study on the LSE-PKU Summer School?

I took the International Relations course ‘Power Shift?’ in order to study a new subject without it being too far from my traditional skill set as a History student. The fact that it was taken by Professors Westad and Cox was an added bonus. I think the programme definitely took away the 'fear factor' of going to a Chinese university, which is now what I intend on doing after graduating from LSE. The course made me think about the importance America's values have in its role as a global leader. But the lecture on Brazil was mind opening as I knew nothing with regards to Brazil until that point.


How was your experience of Beijing?

I had never been to Beijing before but I had been to Shanghai and Hong Kong. It was very different from those two cities, but definitely a very exciting, interesting and huge city. Before the Summer School I was back in Hong Kong doing dissertation research at the Hong Kong Public Records Office, and afterwards I had a holiday in Singapore, then Hong Kong again to visit a friend.