Lu Yuting


Who are you?

My name is Yuting Lu, and I am from Taicang, near Shanghai, in the Southern part of China.

What did you study on the LSE-PKU Summer School?

I studied the Anthropology course ‘Everyday China’ with Dr Hans Steinmuller, an LSE academic who specialises in the anthropology of China. I wanted to understand Chinese culture from a westerner’s point of view and the course made me ask questions about China which I would not even have thought about before. How the rest of world sees China today affects us, our generation, more than it did thirty years ago. By looking at things happening in China from outside, I am looking for better solutions or alternative ways of doing things.

Our class had a very international mix of people, including one from the Mong people, a Chinese minority group, who had studied Anthropology in Hong Kong and is very keen to preserve Mong culture within China. It is fascinating to see how people view their society and world so differently - it makes discussion very interesting.

The core reading is Fei Xiao Tong’s From the Soil.  I can’t stop thinking about what would happen if we took on his approach, what China would look like today. I agree that China is fundamentally rural and those mega-cities we see today are not the real China.


How was your experience of Beijing?

Though I am a Chinese, I had never been to Beijing before. It was exciting to be studying at Peking University, and the food is heavily subsidised! In Beijing it only costs 2 yuan to get on the tube so I was able to see lots of the city and go to the theatre. I also learnt that the north and south part of China have a different sense of humour!