Awarding Credit and Quality Assurance

Due to the nature of their degree programmes, neither LSE nor Peking University credit is awarded for the LSE-PKU Summer Schools. However, the quality of the courses is given the highest priority and many participants have been able to receive credit towards academic qualifications or professional development from their home institutions, and the LSE-PKU Summer School Office is pleased to support this.

We hope that the information below will be of use to anyone considering awarding credit for LSE-PKU Summer School courses

All courses are intensive and academic, totalling 48 hours of study, 36 hours of lectures and 12 hours of classes. Courses are usually assessed by pre-final assessment (eg essay, presentation or project) and final examination. The final examination comprises at least 50% of the course grade.

Full course outlines, including details of the assessment, are available in the Courses |section of this website, and we are able to provide further information on the syllabus for completed courses on request.

Participants who attend at least 80% of sessions and successfully complete all assessments are presented with an LSE-PKU Summer School Certificate, and a transcript showing their grade and the grade distribution of participants on the course.

Participants are encouraged to complete all assessments on their course, but those who attend at least 80% of all teaching sessions and do not complete assessments are eligible to receive a Statement of Attendance, but no LSE-PKU Summer School Certificate, nor transcript.

All final examinations are marked and graded by the course leader, a member of faculty at either LSE or Peking University, with a selection reviewed by a second marker, and any discrepancies addressed before marks are confirmed. An external examiner, not linked to the LSE-PKU Summer School nor a faculty member of either institution, is appointed for each course, and retrospectively reviews the examination paper, mark distribution and a sample of exam scripts. Their report is considered by the Academic Director and the LSE-PKU Summer School board.

If you require any further information, please do contact us|.