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Alumni from South East Asia and the Pacific

Below you will find the profiles of alumni from South East Asia and the Pacific listed alphabetically by country. Click on the links below to jump to alumni profiles from each country.

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Programme: BSc Human Resource Management and Employment Relations, 2010

Current Position:  Final Year PhD student in Management & Leadership Studies, University of Cambridge Judge Business School

I graduated from LSE with a BSc in Human Resource Management & Employment Relations. LSE has broadened my knowledge and taught me how to implement practical theory in the real world. After graduating from LSE, I undertook an MSc in Modern Chinese Studies at Oxford and an MPhil in Innovation, Strategy, and Organisation at Cambridge. I am really grateful to LSE for giving me a strong platform to further my academic studies. Currently, I am studying for a PhD at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, under a full scholarship from the Cambridge Trusts.  Upon graduation, I will continue to pursue my passion in research while working as an entrepreneur in my home country Indonesia.

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Programme: LLB Law, 2010

Current Position:  Senior Executive, Legal Department, Central Bank of Malaysia

I recently graduated from the LSE under a full scholarship from the Central Bank of Malaysia and have since returned to work in the Legal Department of the Bank. Studying at the LSE was a stimulating experience due to its unique emphasis on socio-legal theory and the variety of specialist subjects available.   It has given me a good theoretical foundation which I am now able to apply in my advisory work for the Bank, which encompasses many areas of law including commercial law, constitutional and administrative law, and public international law. The Law Department also provides excellent supervision from leading academics in their respective fields. As a result, my undergraduate dissertation for Competition Law will be published as an article in an upcoming issue of a European law journal in mid-2011.

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Programme: BSc Economics, 2006

Current Position:  Senior Commodity Analyst, Thomson Reuters GFMS, London

Since graduating from LSE in 2006, I have taken up a host of roles both in the private and public sector. I started my career in Barclays as a graduate analyst under their equity capital markets rotation programme. Thereafter, I took up an opportunity in Asia to work for a sovereign wealth fund with the Malaysia government where I was involved in developing high impact national projects to help attract foreign investments into the country. The role subsequently opened up doors to explore the commodities sector which is my present role, an analyst covering the metals and mining sector.

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New Zealand

Andrew resized


Programme: MSc Development Studies, 2009

Current Position:  Senior Economist, Economic Consulting Associates, London

Prior to my move from Wellington to London to study at LSE, I studied finance to a postgraduate level, and spent three years working in investment banking. I have spent most of my time since graduating from LSE in 2009 based in London, working in economic consulting. In this time, I've worked on projects all across sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Europe, focusing mainly on energy, water and agriculture market regulatory and investment assignments. I've been privileged to undertake all sorts of interesting assignments for a range of different clients, including government ministries and agencies, development partners and private companies.

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Programme: LLM Public International Law, 2003

Current Position:  Programme Director Verification Research, Training and Information Centre (VERTIC)

My LSE qualification has enabled me to specialize in public international law for my career. I am now managing a team of lawyers working with States and the United Nations to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction - and loving it.

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Programme: MSc International Strategy and Diplomacy, 2014

Current Position: Chairman, Scepter Group

I am a Founder, Executive Chairman, Director, Member of Executive Board, and Head of Business Development at BMB Group. I am the Founder and Executive Chairman of the firm and its subsidiaries where I sit on the Group Operating Committee. I trained as an Attorney, and developed a successful career as a merchant banker with positions at a number of private equity firms. I am the principal Founder of The Withanage Group.I am also the founding President of the World Zakat Fund and a Founding Member of the Royal Islamic Council. I am named in the Financial Times 100 rising stars of finance and am widely regarded as financier and principal investor for houses in the Middle East and Asia.

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Programme: BSc Government and Economics, 2006

Current Position: Manager, IE Singapore

I am currently a Manager at IE Singapore, a Singapore government agency that promotes trade, exports and investments overseas. My role includes project identification and development work with multilateral institutions such as the World Bank, International Finance Corporation and other regional development banks. The work gives me an insight into public sector processes (sometimes frustrating), infrastructure development and overseas development assistance. LSE has been a great foundation for this, not just for the courses I took there, but giving a level of comfort in dealing with people from every part of the world.

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Programme: MSc Applicable Mathematics, 2014

Current Position: Education Officer, Ministry of Education, Singapore

Since graduating from the MSc in Applicable Mathematics programme at LSE in 2014, I have been working as an Education Officer at the Ministry of Education, Singapore. I hope to share the wonderful experiences I have had studying at LSE with any prospective students.

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Programme: MSc Global Politics, 2006

Current Position: Faculty, Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College

I am a former Management Consultant, currently serving as a faculty member at a local business college in Copenhagen. In this capacity, I teach courses in Management/Economics, and also advise students thinking about graduate school on a voluntary basis. Concurrently, I work with issues of Economic Diplomacy and Development with the Embassy of Angola to the Nordic region.

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Shu Wen resized

Shu Wen

Programme: BA History, 2012

Current Position: Social Science Editor, World Scientific Publishing and Imperial College Press, Singapore

I am a social science editor with World Scientific Publishing and Imperial College Press. I've always been interested in going into the publishing industry and being a history graduate has not been of any disadvantage to me in applying for work experience/jobs in this field. In fact, my background and interest in history has opened a lot of doors for me and I have fortunate enough to edit many books related to my interests in Middle East history and current affairs. I have also been able to meet a lot of academics, consultants and intellectuals to discuss publishing opportunities-- to sum up, bringing history and political science topics to life and to print has been very rewarding so far!

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Programme: BSc Economics, 2009

Current Position: Client Relationship Associate at RBS Coutts, Singapore

After graduating from LSE in July 2009, I spent almost 6 months travelling and taking part in several courses to enable me to decide what I would like to pursue as a career. I moved to Singapore (I am a Permanent Resident here) in January 2010 and took up several internships such as: Research Analyst at Arete Financial Partners, and a short stint at ANZ Retail and Wealth. During the second part of the year, I was offered to take on the role of Client Relationship Associate at RBS Coutts, and have been working there since.

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Programme: MSc Local Economic Development, 2009

Current Position: Strategy and Corporate Finance, The Royal Bank of Scotland.

Immediately after graduating from the LSE, I interned at The Prince's Charities in Kensington Palace, specifically with their network which supports young entrepreneurs around the world. Today I work in Strategy and Corporate Finance at the Royal Bank of Scotland.

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Programme: MSc History of International Relations, 2016

Current Position: Diplomat, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand

I graduated from the LSE with a MSc in History of International Relations. I am currently in the diplomatic service at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand (Third Secretary).

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Anh Tuc

Anh Tuc

Programme: BSc Economics, MSc Management, 2008

Current Position: Consultant in Strategy and Management, ParisTech, Paris

After a BSc in Economics and a CEMS MSc in International Management between LSE and HEC Paris, I am now working in Paris as a consultant for large scale scientific projects at ParisTech, in Paris. My job involves, among other tasks, economic analysis, financial modelling, drafting business plans and presentation to partners/clients. I plan to integrate a professional consulting firm in the near future.

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Programme: BSc Economics, 2015

Current Position: Risk Consultant, Deloitte

After graduating in 2015, I have been working at Deloitte as a Risk Consultant. It has been a fascinating journey for me as my job involves dealing with live crisis and helping big clients to prepare for one. The fact that I was an LSE graduate played an important part in getting this offer and I'd love to share my experience with other students to help them with their future career path.

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