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Alumni from South Asia

Below you will find the profiles of alumni from South Asia listed alphabetically by country. Click on the links below to jump to alumni profiles from each country.

Bangladesh India Pakistan Sri Lanka




Programme: MSc Gender, Policy and Inequalities, 2012

Current Position: Lecturer, Erciyes University

Following my study at LSE, I have worked with CARE in Bangladesh as Technical Manager of Research and M& E. My work was focused on Food security, Gender issues and Rural development in Bangladesh and Early child marriage in South Asia.  My role engaged different ranges of works including conducting research, contributing to project design, impact measurement of current projects, publishing, supervising the team and on top coordinating and ensuring quality of external consultant's works. Currently I work at  Erciyes University in Turkey  as a Lecturer in the Economics department. Where I am also engaged as a researcher at the African Social and Economic Research center. Through my research I explore the dynamics of Economic participation, International  Development,  Migration and Citizenship discourse particularly in light of gender and racial equality.

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Aarohi updated


Programme: MPA Public and Economic Policy, 2010

Current Position: International Development Consulting Firm

Prior to LSE, I worked in the area of Finance and Development in India. After my MPA, I worked with a Policy Think Tank in London and worked extensively on Fragile and Post Conflict States in Africa and Asia. Currently, I am working for an ID Consulting firm in Australia where my work focuses on the Pacific and SE Asia region. I am trained to implement DCED Standard for M&E on Private Sector Development Programs. I also hold an MBA and an honours degree in Economics.

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Programme: MSc Management, 2008

Current Position: Commercial Business Analyst, Shell

I brought a two-year experience with BT and IBM to the LSE, but since my graduation, I have had the opportunity to work on the energy-derivative trading floor for Macquarie and with Shell as a commercial business analyst. I analyse Shell businesses and recommend / implement organic growth strategy; on projects ranging from B2B marketing, hedging against oil-price volatility, strengthening supply chain reliability and improving business decision making.

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Programme: MSc Management and Strategy, 2009

Current Position: Entrepreneur, Co-Founder Genext Students Limited, Mumbai

I am a budding entrepreneur having my own start-up in the field of Internet and Mobile Learning. After completing my studies at LSE, I worked as a Research Analyst at Center for Economic Performance (CEP) at LSE and then as a Management Consultant with Accenture, London. After gathering a couple of years' work experience, I returned to India (Mumbai) and have started my own venture. LSE has given me an excellent brand recognition which has been of immense help. In addition, my education at LSE gave me an unprecedented opportunity to interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds which I believe no other institute could provide.

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Programme: MSc History of International Relations, 2015

Current Position: Corporate News Writer, The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)

I am currently a Corporate News Writer/Companies Analyst with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). I cover news on companies in various sectors such as automotive, telecommunications and consumer goods. I graduated from LSE in 2015 and headed back to India to contribute to the field of journalism here. I started my career as a Sub-editor at an online youth portal, heading to two other startups before joining the EIU in October 2016. My skills as a researcher and writer which I honed at LSE helped me tackle the challenging role of a business journalist at EIU with ease. I also work as a Reporter for Fair Observer, an American publication. I am currently developing my own website which seeks to educate the Indian youth on politics and political processes in India. My LSE history degree helped me to broaden my world-view and be a conscientious reporter. During my time at LSE, I wrote for the Students@LSE and SouthAsia@LSE blog. I also helped set up the Houghton Street Review (HSR). LSE opened the doors to the world for me, and I hope to share my experience with fellow and aspiring students from both India and abroad.

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Programme: TRIUM Global Executive MBA, 2014

Current Position: Lead Product Manager, User Engagement, Flipkart Internet, San Francisco

An ex-investment banker and venture capitalist, I am a consumer internet and mobile apps enthusiast. I have been in the product management space post my LSE - ISB experience, building & launching out-of-the box product features, re-imagining user experiences and pioneering native mobile experiences.

My relationship with the Indian ecommerce story goes far and long and I was recruited as one of the first few product managers. The journey has been incredible and the learning tremendous.

 My professional stints have also offered me global exposure and the great opportunities to live and work across diverse geographies such as USA, UK and India, and build and manage teams across Portugal, China, India.

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Programme: MSc Management of Information Systems, 2009

Current Position: International Manager, HSBC, London

I work as an International Manager with HSBC. In this programme at HSBC we move roles and countries every 2 years. In my current role, I do financial analysis of companies, review risks and help to win new businesses. I was previously part of the graduate programme at JP Morgan, London. A summer internship with Barclays during the Masters at LSE was my first banking experience. LSE has clearly and definitely catapulted my job worthiness in spite of the challenging economic conditions.

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Programme: Msc Management & Strategy, 2011

Current Position: Executive - Cutomer Strategy Advisory, Ernst & Young, London

I am currently a Customer Strategy Management Consultant with Ernst & Young in their London Office. My masters in Management and Strategy from LSE gave me a sound platform to make it to one of the most competitive jobs in London.

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Programme: MSc Media, Communication and Development, 2012

Current Position:  Reporting and Communications Specialist, United Nations Development Programme, Fiji

I am presently working with UNDP at their Pacific subregional headquarters in Suva, Fiji. Assigned to UNDP's Effective Governance Team, I am contributing to reporting on ongoing projects as well as communications. This opportunity enables me to combine two key passions – sustainable development and ICT – in innovative ways. 

Prior to the assignment with UNDP, I worked with UNESCAP (United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific) at their Asia-Pacific headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand in the field of ICT and disaster risk reduction. I came with a climate change adaptation background to South East Asia, having worked with IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) in the ASEAN region. 

I have also acquired past experience with the European Commission, the executive body of the EU, in the field of research and innovation.

LSE’s Department of Media and Communications enabled me to develop my interests and pursue my passion. The administrative, careers and recruitment sections at LSE provided vital guidance and encouragement along the way. I truly believe LSE was the experience of a lifetime.

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Programme: LLM Master of Laws, 2003

Current Position: Partner, International Trade & Competition Law Practice, Economic Laws Practice, Advocates & Solicitors, New Delhi

After LSE, I worked at the World Trade Organization (WTO) Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland as a Junior Legal Officer at the Trade & Environment Division. Thereafter, I was a Visiting Fellow at the Columbia University School of Law, New York working on international trade & WTO laws. I am currently a Partner at a boutique-sized Indian law firm dealing exclusively with issues pertaining to WTO law as well as anti-trust/competition law issues.

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Programme: MSc Management, 2004

Current Position: Independent Adviser

I am currently involved in my own business providing corporate mergers & acquisitions advisory services to Indian companies in their overseas expansion. I founded the company in 2006 after 2 years' work experience in London, UK in the related and complementary fields. Other interests include real estate and the mining sector in India and overseas.

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Programme: Master's in Management (CEMS), 2013

Current Position: AVP - Product Solution Specialist, Barclays

Product Solution Specialist at Barclays Corporate working with a major public sector client. Finished the 2 year graduate programme in 1.5 years to land this role. Completed a double masters degree from LSE and CEMS (HEC, Paris). Computer science engineer and Radio Jockey for Radio Mirchi Delhi in a past life. Chocolate lover. Fiction reader. Canary Wharf dweller. Corporate product seller.

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Programme: MSc International Employment Relations and Human Resource Management, 2009

Current Position: Independent Consultant

Following my studies at the LSE I have worked for Financial Times Business Ltd (FT), London, UK, serving the organization in the capacity of Economic Researcher (Emerging Markets, Africa). At FT I was was a key contributor towards the formulation of cover investment report - 'The 2010 Forecast' , published in FT's "This is Africa" - publication winning attention world over. Since my stint at the FT, I have been working as an independent consultant - organization development, strategy & change management, assisting small and medium enterprises to enhance their organizational effectiveness by establishing aligned organization development and change systems based on the firm's growth momentum.

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Programme: MSc International Health Policy, 2009

Current Position: Director, Idea Object Software Pvt Ltd

I am currently the director of Idea Object Software Pvt Ltd. This is a company that specializes in patient information systems and databases for hospitals.

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Programme: MSc Management, Organisation and Governance, 2009

Current Position: Independent Digital Marketing Consultant

I am a budding entrepreneur with over 7 years experience in diverse functions ranging from marketing, product management, sales, HR and CSR. Currently I am an independent digital marketing consultant and also involved with my brother’s e-commerce venture, KoolKart. My last corporate role was as the Marketing manager at TI Cycles (Murugappa Group) handling product management and brand management for the premium range of cycles. During my tenure, I was the head of digital marketing for TI Cycles. I anchor the activities of the LSE Alumni association in Chennai and am active in various other management associations. I am an avid cyclist and love travelling – having travelled to 29 countries.

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Programme: MSc Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems, 2007

Current Position: Lecturer in Information Systems Studies, London

I Worked with LSE in their IT support Team as a support executive on a six months contract. After which I Joined Empire College London as a trainee Lecturer and started my teacher training diploma for UK graduates.

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Programme: MSc Accounting and Finance, 2009

Current Position: Manager Grants, The Citizens Foundation, Karachi

Having worked at the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) for three years in microfinance, I've recently moved city and have joined The Citizens Foundation, an NGO working in the field of education for under-priviledged children. I'm currently over-seeing Grants for the organization, networking, researching, identifying grants as well as drafting proposals, trying to secure funding in relevant areas.

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Programme: MSc International Employment Relations and Human Resource Management, 2008

Current Position: Human Resource Executive

I have been employed with a British Oilfield Services concern currently operating its projects in Libya. Aside from meeting the routine skilled and semi skilled manpower requirements, I am involved in strategic management of the work force. These days the most taxing issues concern attending to employee grievances and counselling given the turmoil in Libya.

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Programme: MSc Media and Communications, 2005

Current Position: Market Research Executive, London

After completing my MSc in Media and Communications I worked in Pakistan for a year mainly in the academic sector. I then moved to London and started my career in the field of Market Research as a quantitative researcher. I am currently a Senior Research Executive working with clients like BSkyB, Nickelodeon, T-Mobile and Invesco Perpetual.

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Programme: BSc Accounting and Finance, 2004

Current Position: Director / CFO Elahi Group of Companies, Pakistan

I qualified as a Chartered Accountant (ICEAW) with KPMG London, working with them for three years in the financial services audit as part of the investment banking audit team (clients included Credit Suisse, HSBC, DrKW and Citigroup). Since then I have moved to Pakistan and have started my own business within the family organisation of logistics & commodity trading.

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Mohammad Waqas

Programme: MSc Social Policy and Development, 2009

Current Position: Acting Director (South Asia), Institute of Strategic Studies, Islamabad

After doing the MSc in Social Policy and Development, I decided to focus on environmental economics and carbon finance and joined ÉcoRessources, a Canadian environmental economics company with offices in Lima, Peru. I am now working as a researcher at the Institute of Strategic Studies in Islamabad.

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Programme: BSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics, 2012

Current Position: Global Markets Operations Analyst, HSBC, London

The 3 years at LSE were truly rewarding in making me ready for any career path I chose. I am currently a Global Markets Operations Analyst at HSBC in London, hoping to make a difference in the current financial markets.

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Muhammad Atif

Programme: MSc International Employment Relations and Human Resource Management, 2009

Current Position: Teacher in Higher Education

Before joining LSE, I had already successfully completed my Bachelor of Engineering and Masters in Computer Science in Pakistan and spent five years teaching at the university. It was an honour to study at the LSE, considering its world class rating and reputation and the opportunity to be amongst future leaders. LSE provided me with the opportunity to broaden my vision by imparting the unparalleled quality of education which is helping me to boost my career progression. I am still in adult teaching and learning profession but with new passion, aims, directions and energy. If you are brilliant, energetic and capable of accepting challenges then of course LSE is waiting for you.

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Muhammad Shayan

Programme: The General Course (Government focus), 2010

Current Position: Digital Advertising Operations Trafficker, Yahoo Inc., New York 

I established a great network of friends during my year at LSE, which ultimately helped me secure a position my first internship in Search Engine Optimization in NYC. I am currently a Digital Ad Operational Trafficker, and work across various advertising platform to launch, track, manage and optimize campaigns for major commercial brands. Networking with people from all over the world and indulging in a fantastic curriculum helped me progress in my academic and professional life.

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Programme: MSc Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems (ADMIS) (Now MISI), 2009

Current Position: Document Management Officer, EU Delegation to Pakistan, Islamabad

Currently I am working in the Administration Section as a Document Management Officer in European Union Delegation to Pakistan in Islamabad.

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Programme: BSc Economics and Management, 2007

Current Position: Professor of Economics, Institute of Business Management, Karachi

I am currently working as an officer at the Management Excellence Centre, Institute of Business Management and an instructor of Economics at the Department of Economics, CESD, IoBM. I am the nominated Project Assistant for this Consultancy.

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Programme: Executive MSc Health, Economics, Policy and Management, 2014

Current Position: Neurology Specialist Registrar, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals

After passing MRCP, I joined LSE and completed my MSc HEPM. Soon, I got the national training number in neurology at one of the most prestigious neurological institutions. I am currently working as a Specialist Registrar. I have recently joined a political party and I actively engage with local politics in Huddersfield.

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Programme: BSc Economics and Finance, 2009

Current Position: Management Exectutive, Pak-Arab Refinery Limited (PARCO), Karachi

After scoring 2:1 in BSc Economics and Finance I opted for continuing my studies at The University of Nottingham with majors in Finance and Investment. I received Gold Course Representative award out of 684 fellow students from all over the world. After Master’s degree I got Internship in Barclays Corporate and then I did job in SNL Financials as Research Analyst. Later I was appointed as Corporate Relationship Manager in MCB Bank Limited (Pakistan). Currently I am working as Management Executive (Corporate Planning Division) and here I provide analytical and research support for feasibility studies for new investment projects.

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Programme: MSc Management Information Systems, 2008

Current Position: Associate, Financial Services, KPMG, Ireland

I have been working with KPMG's Irish head office within financial services audit. I also write as a columnist for one of the leading English national dailies of Pakistan, my home country. I have served as a member of the editorial board of iSChannel (2008), a publication by the students of ISI group at the Department of Management, LSE.

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Sri Lanka



Programme: BSc International Relations, 2009 & and MSc Social
Policy and Development, 2010

Current Position: Head of UN and UNDP Communications Unit and UNDP Youth and Innovations Focal point in Sri

Following my degrees at LSE I started my career with the United Nations in Sri Lanka in 2011. For almost half a decade it has been a privilege to have had the opportunity to work for the UN, especially being able to serve at home. I am currently leading the communications, youth and innovation team and was recently selected as a UNDP innovations ambassador for the Asia and the Pacific.  

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